Research & advice

We conduct (interdisciplinary) research into and give advise about the phenomena of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence. The results from research are used to change policy and practice in the field of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence, where needed.

Target groups: organisations, governments, institutions.

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Education & awareness

By informing people and educating them on human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence we raise awareness on these two phenomena and inspire them to take action.

Target groups: society, youth, students.

See also our past and current activities.

Training & capacity building

By training professionals who work in the field of human trafficking and/or conflict-related sexual violence, we contribute to deepening their knowledge and skills in this area, building capacity, and a better approach to dealing with these crimes. One can think of: lawyers, social workers, psychologists, medics, academics, NGO staff and policy makers.

Target group: professionals.

See also our past and current activities.

Empowerment & advocacy

We contribute to the empowerment of victims/survivors of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence by putting their interests and wishes first. We do this in so-called ’empowerment projects’ and by advocating on their behalf on the national, regional and international level. Our aim is for victims/survivors to regain their dignity and to find recognition in what has happened to them.

Target group: victims/survivors.

See also our past and current activities.


Special Issue of the Journal of Trafficking & Human Exploitation is now available online!

We are very pleased to announce that the Special Issue on the nexus between conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking for sexual exploitation in conflict is now published and online!

The United Nations Secretary-General placed emphasis on the importance and urgency of addressing the nexus between conflict-related sexual violence and trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation in the 2018 report on conflict-related sexual violence (S/2018/250, 23 March 2018). Therefore, this Special Issue aims to study the academic and practical perspectives in the themes of the nexus between both crimes during times of conflict, with article contributions from academics and practitioners of different expertise and backgrounds. The articles in this Special Issue illustrate the diverse challenges when one probes into both crimes concertedly, despite the individual progress that sexual violence in conflict and human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation have made in international criminal justice. This collection of articles in the Special Issue demonstrate the connection of both crimes as well as different expertise and backgrounds of academics and practitioners in order to provide a satisfactory understanding of the issues involved.

It is one of IMPACT’s vision to aim for a world in which human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence no longer take place by addressing these crimes in concert. With the publication of this Special Issue, it is certainly yet another approach that we are proud to say; us at IMPACT act and make a pact to #MakeAnIMPACT against human trafficking and sexual violence in conflict. 

We thank all the contributors to the Special Issue; Rina Ghafoerkhan, William Scholte, Farah Mahmoud, Milena Adamczewska, Patrick Cammaert, Rosella Pulvirenti, Elena Abrusci, Aimée Comrie, Patricia Viseur Sellers, Yoon Hee-soon, Rabia Akhtar, Anne-Marie de Brouwer, Eefje de Volder, and Chiun Min Seah. And also thanks to the publisher, Paris Legal Publishers and in particular the Executive Editor and Creator of the Journal, Nicole Siller.